Laser Assisted Lip and Tongue-Tie Revisions for Infants

Breastfeeding is known to provide several health benefits and is a wonderful way to bond with your infant.  Many women and infants experience difficulty while breastfeeding, which may be the result of a lip or tongue-tie.  If the lip and tongue tissues reduce the infants ability to form a proper latch this can possibly lead to a number of symptoms for both mother and baby.  In many cases this problem can be addressed in our dental office using safe laser technology.  The procedure is quick and easy and requires no anesthesia or stiches.  The following links provide information regarding the diagnosis and treatment of the lip and tongue-tie in infants using laser technology.  If you are concerned that you may be having some of these symptoms and would like to find out more about addressing them, please call our office for a consultation.

Breastfeeding Benefits, Problems, and Solutions

Why Does It Hurt When I Breastfeed?

Diagnosing and Understanding the Maxillary Lip-Tie as it Relates to Breastfeeding

Courtesy of Dr. Larry Kotlow, Pediatric Dentist

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Please review these forms prior to your consultation appointment.

Infant Initial Consult Form

Informed Consent for Infant Frenectomy

Post-Op Pamplet for Frenectomy

Resources for Parents

Tips and Suggestions for Improving Tongue and Lip Tether Release Outcomes