Welcome to our practice

At our dental office, we are committed to providing our patients with compassionate and professional dental care of the highest standards in a comfortable and relaxed environment. We utilize the most current dental technologies and techniques to help you achieve a smile that you can be proud of. At our practice, you will receive individualized treatment based on a careful diagnosis of your dental health.



Laser Dentistry

By using the most advanced laser technology we are able to perform many dental procedures with less pain, less need for anesthesia, fewer treatments and a shorter, more comfortable recovery.

Teeth Whitening

Turn up the wattage on your pearly whites with professional teeth whitening. You can look years younger and feel better than ever.


Breastfeeding Health

Breastfeeding should be comfortable and enjoyable. If you are having complications with breastfeeding click HERE to find out how we can help. Breastfeeding Benefits, Problems and Solutions


Sedation Dentistry

If fear and anxiety have prevented you from visiting the dentist, let us put your mind at ease.


TMJandSleep ApneaTreatments

Do you commonly experience jaw pain or unexplained head pain?
Do you grind your teeth at night?
Do you wake up in the morning feeling tired?
Are headaches or ear pain a common part of your day?
Is it hard for you to get to sleep and stay asleep?
These are some of the symptoms commonly associated with Temporomandibular Disorders as well as Sleep Disordered Breathing or Sleep Apnea. From an injury to the TMJ to a collapsing airway caused by poor positioning of the jaw and tongue, the methods to identify the source of pain vary widely as does the proper treatment approach.

At Tecumseh Dental Centre we utilize a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to identifying the root cause of our patient's symptoms and develop a treatment approach based on the patient's individual needs which involves the latest technologies and research supported treatments to improve our patient's quality of life.